B-E Controls offers a new and exciting NEEMS (Nuclear Engineered Energy Management Systems) Program that will provide significant ROI combined with energy efficiencies and savings.  The NEEMS Program includes your Roof, HVAC system, Light Tubes and Solar panels.  This program not only can extend the life of your existing roof, but can incorporate other energy efficient options that can generate cost savings on your energy bills. 

What you can expect out of the NEEMS Program:

  • Complete Nuclear Scan of Roof system to detect moisture levels
  • Analysis of Scan Results and visual inspection data
  • Evaluation of HVAC system and controls
  • Identification of energy efficient lighting options and cost savings
  • Discussion about solar panels and costs savings
  • 25% - 85% ROI

B-E Controls believes that all these areas overlap and should be considered and evaluated together.  Along with our own team of engineers, we utilize a network of Certified Participants who understand this program and offer the best solutions in collaboration, which results in appropriate products for your facility along with significant cost savings. 

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